About Me

My goal is to capture my subject as they are, not my idea of who they are.  I want friends, family & clients to look back at my photos years from now and remember exactly what that moment represented at that time in their life.  Who they were, where they lived, who was in their life, etc.  I enjoy photographing clients in a familiar environment, like their home or a favorite outdoor spot, rather than a studio.  I use nature as inspiration to set the mood and frame my images.  I especially love building relationships with kids and families as I document them year after year. 

My love of photography began when I was very young, when I would sneak my parents 35mm camera and use up all of their Kodak color film.  I cannot imagine a day going by without picking up a camera, editing photos, or finding inspiration for my photography.  My passion for photography is never ending because the sparks of inspiration are never ending.

I am based in Sacramento, California but am always willing to travel.

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